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It's that time of year again.

Who starts NaNoWriMo-ing away tomorrow? What are you writing about?

Myself . . . this will be my fourth attempt (?!). I'm working on a story about time travel and alt history. :)

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Things Just Aren't The Same AnymoreCollapse )

For those confused: 'loo' and 'bog' are English synonyms for 'toilet'.
Inspired by a Paul Cookson poem.
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All right, everyone!

It's been pretty quiet around here lately, and I, at least, want to change that. So we're going to have interactive posts, starting now, once or twice a week.

Anyone is allowed to post one; my only request is that we don't get more than one per day. Interactive posts can be anything from, "Here's a challenge" to, "Hey guys, what have you been working on lately, post an excerpt in the comments"—as long as they're something that requests direct member participation. All posts that are interactive should be tagged "interactive post" and with your name. Those are the only rules on the subject.

To kick this off, let's start small.

Leave a link, in the comment section, to something you personally would like to see some more feedback on. Doesn't matter what it is—a piece of writing, a photograph—just leave a link in the comments, hopefully with a description of what about it you'd like feedback on.

What I would like to receive some feedback on is this short, untitled piece about a woman coping with her husband's death. I can't think of anything specifically about it that I want to get feedback on; I'd just like to know whether or not her actions are believable, and if the horror is subtle enough that the end comes as a surprise, or if it bangs you over the head.

I also wouldn't protest to feedback on the zombie story (does the plot make sense? Are the characters believable?), but hey, up to you lot.

Also! New people, would you please post a brief introduction? It can be something quite short, such as, "Hi, my name is Jenn, I'm in uni, I write short stories and poetry in my spare time" or really long (though preferably cut) about what genres you write, what type of photos you take, or whatever else you might want to post about.

With that said, go nuts! :)
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So I randomly decided to write something that would kind of bridge the gap between how AWE ended and with how the two writers of the movie intended it to end. And because I'm a bloody romantic.

"The Sea of the Living,"
~1500 words, rated T

The warm spray hit Will's face and clothing.Collapse )
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...aren't you lucky. It's short. And inspired by Hamlet.

OfeliaCollapse )

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Right, so after getting two responses, it's decided that icons are no longer welcome here. They are, however, welcome over at atypicalicons, modded by hawkelf and I. :D

"Atypical" in this case just means icons that aren't old meme—they must have been made by you. If you're looking for a place to post icons that you like, there's userpicks for that.

That's all, folks! The icon posts that are up here won't be deleted; however, subsequent posts will, with notice given about rule five, and atypicalicons.
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1. If you have friended the community, but you haven't joined, the majority of things posted here are friends-locked, as per the rules in the userinfo. Limited audience and all that jazz. If you don't want to join, you're perfectly welcome to watch, but I'm afraid that you're not going to be able to see everything.

Speaking of limited audience, you guys have been pretty good about locking stuff. Thanks!

2. We need to talk about tags! I went through and tagged untagged entries, but I noticed that we have a bit of a problem—there exist multiple tags for the same people. Please, for the love of little green apples, use identifying tag and stick with it? For example, mine is "kickthehobbit." Dor's is "sys_64738." hawkelf uses "hawkelf." I don't care whether you use your LJ name to ID yourself, but if you decide that you want all entries by you to be tagged with "chief mugwump," then please either start tagging stuff exclusively "chief mugwump," or "chief mugwump" and whatever it is—"digital art" for digital art, for example. Please tell me what you want your stuff tagged with, and I will go back and tag it for you. That's all I ask.

3. I noticed that at least one person made an icon post. The rules don't say one thing or another about icons, so I let it slide, but I'm curious: what do you people think about icons? There are plenty of icon journals on LJ; should we allow icons too? (fondued_jicama, I'm not trying to single you out here, just trying to keep it Democratic. :D)

4. Do we want to start posting interactive things, like writing challenges/the image thread that was started by sys_64738? It would be a way of keeping the community alive, and it could be fun. They wouldn't be mod-run; you wouldn't need mod approval to start one, either—just go for it. Thoughts?

5. Finally, oy. Apologies for having neglected this community for so long. Thanks for behaving, etc, etc.

Not trying to be anal in this post, but it's two in the morning, so you can imagine how with it I am. Any complaints, please bring 'em up here.
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An idea which has worked well on the Polycount forums (one of the 3D sites I lurk on), which I want to try here. The original thread is here, for the curious; I've taken the liberty of copy/pasting their rules, making only enough changes to make it work for LJ.

1.) You start by posting something old. Original drawings or other original work only; you can't post someone else's work or commercial artwork. Crappy old drawings you're embarassed of now are extremely encouraged! The less finished the better. Doodles and quick sketches preferred. You can post 3 or so drawings at a time.

2.) Once you've posted one of your own drawings, you're free to interpret anything else in the comments. Anything anyone has posted in here, including reinterpretations. The sky's the limit!

3.) You may not post more of your old art (step 1) until you've finished participating yourself (step 2).

4.) When posting images, include a width attribute (I suggest width="90%"), with a link to the full-sized image, to keep people from having to scroll horizontally to see the entire picture.

With that said. . . My image, to get us started. . . .Collapse )

Let's see what people can come up with.
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I just found this, and thought the various graphic artist types out there might find it useful. . . .


200+ video lessons on human figure drawing. All free.

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