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What it's about:

Consider this a meeting of the minds, a place to post anything art or writing related, from photography to story excerpts to your latest knitting project, and get feedback on it. It's also a place to post writing/art related things that you found interesting or helpful, or to get help with a project. We're just a general, fun community.

What's allowed:

The following are allowed forms:

Any form of writing/poetry
Sketches, paintings, photography, and sculpture
Knitting, embroidering, quilting, costumery, and other fibre-arts
Wood carving
Music, both instrumental and vocal
Film making and documentary making
On-topic links and community promotions
On-topic discussion

Get it? Got it? Good.

The Rules:

1. No spamming—this means no multiple posts of the same thing (unless it is a series of writing that you want to keep together), no community advertisements unless they are on-topic, and nothing severely off-topic (as if there is such a thing in this community).
2. Nothing explicit without a cut. This means everything, words or otherwise. The occasinal curse is fine; however, if you would rate it as not being safe for work or school, please place it behind a cut with a warning.
3. Please place large images/long pieces of writing behind a lj cut, to spare the friends pages of those who have the community on theirs.
4. To prevent plagiarism, please place any original works in friends-only posts. This will also keep your work to a limited audience, if you choose to try to sell/publish/produce it.
5. No icons, please. Icons are welcome at atypicalicons; please post them there.

Arbitrary rules:
These won't be enforced as heavily as the above, but still.

1. Please tag your entries. It makes things much easier to find. Either tagging with your username, or whatever you're referring to the piece as, makes it simple to find posts, versus digging through everything.
2. When commenting, try to say more than "this sucks!" or, "this is awesome, post more soon please!" Tell what you didn't like as politely as possible, or tell what you did like. An ideal comment would be a mixture of the two.

Questions, comments, or concerns:

Questions, comments, or concerns may be directed to kickthehobbit/agentmaly, your lovely mods. Additionally, if you have anything to add to the interest list or the community rules, say so.

That's it. Really. :)